• Get Well With the Health Benefits
    of Cherry Burst Tomatoes

    We all know tomatoes are good for us, but these nutrient-dense globes of goodness have some powerful health effects only more recently uncovered that we think you should know about.
    Remember, to get the most out of cherry tomatoes they should be a regular addition to your diet so your body can draw from a continual source of quality nutrients.

Antioxidant Power for Disease Prevention

Antioxidants work their magic by neutralising the cell-damaging free radicals in our body produced by chemicals, pollution, smoke, alcohol and the sun. If these free radicals are not eliminated from the body, they can cause heart disease, cancer, arthritis, stroke, Alzheimer’s and many other degenerative and age related diseases.

Imagine these diseases could be stopped in their tracks. A healthy diet combined with the power of an antioxidant found by the bucketload in tomatoes – lycopene – may help. A cup of raw Cherry Burst tomatoes contains 3834ug (almost 4mg) of lycopene, and, as some studies have shown that 6mg daily can help prevent prostate cancer, such a small dose of cherry tomatoes packs a punch!

Many studies suggest the antioxidant lycopene can help prevent a range of diseases:

Other antioxidants found in tomatoes are the vitamins A, C, E, K, B vitamins and beta carotene, which all combine to make Cherry Burst a true superfood!

Everyday Benefits of Cherry Burst Tomatoes

Eating Cherry Burst tomatoes may provide a dazzling range of health effects, just some of these are:

  • A burst of energy – tomatoes contain B vitamins, which assist carbohydrates to provide energy, healthy skin and a vibrant nervous system. They’re a good source of dietary fibre and also potassium, which helps cells and nerves provide fuel for muscle tissue.
  • Faster recovery – featuring Vitamin E, tomatoes help to transport oxygen in the blood and preserve other vitamins against oxidation loss so that your cells are repaired and renewed quickly
  • Stronger bones – tomatoes contain a decent amount Vitamin K and some calcium, which are essential nutrients in strengthening bones and performing minor repairs on bones and bone tissue

Nutrient Profile of Cherry Burst

Just some of the goodness found in one cup (149g) of Cherry Burst tomatoes:

      • Only 27 calories – 1% of the daily requirement
      • Almost no fat
      • Low Glycemic Load, meaning it will not spike blood sugar
      • Very low in sodium – less than 1% of daily requirements
      • Vitamin C – 32% of the daily requirement
      • Vitamin A – 25% of the daily requirement
      • Vitamin K – 15% of the daily requirement
      • Potassium 10% of the daily requirement
      • Manganese – 8% of the daily requirement
      • Fibre – 7% of the daily requirement
      • Folate – 6% of the daily requirement
      • Vitamin B6 – 6% of the daily requirement
      • Vitamin E – 4% of the daily requirement
      • Thiamin – 4% of the daily requirement
      • Niacin – 4% of the daily requirement
      • Magnesium – 4% of the daily requirement

Source: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2682/2